Larry Gray AssociatesUSAF Briefing
Courtesy of ASB Avionics LLC USAF Briefing Courtesy of ASB Avionics LLC

Founded in 1992 and re-established in 2006 and again in 2013, Larry Gray Associates and its Principal Consultant, Larry L. Gray, provides services as an avionics subject matter expert, consulting with marketing assistance, project management, solicitation and proposal preparation, and avionics design. 


Larry Gray has worked or consulted for three corporate jet/turboprop and one helicopter airframe manufacturers, managed avionics facilities and engineering departments, and won multi-million dollar contracts with Government agencies and international commercial entities. 

He has literally worked on everything from a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis to 747s, from H-13s to UH-60s, from C-130s to KC-135s, and from T-38s to B-52s. 


Larry Gray is an experienced, adaptable, self-starter dedicated to providing the client the best "bang for the buck.”